asli21 use a lot of websites to help me learn ASL better outside of class.  They’re no substitute for my teacher, but they’ve been pretty helpful none the less.  Here are my 5 favorite websites on ASL:

ASL Pro: – This website has several really great video dictionaries, with different people doing the signing.  It’s nice to get practice watching different signing styles, and there are several quizzes and fingerspelling practice for even more help.  I’m on this site several times a week trying to expand my vocabulary.

The American Sign Language Browser: – This is a really comprehensive and complete ASL video dictionary.  I love that the signs repeat automatically, so you don’t have to press the play button and break your flow to practice along with the video. 

Dr. Bill Vicars’ American Sign Language Fingerspelling Tool: – This is an amazing resource to help with fingerspelling practice.  You can choose your speed, the number of letters you feel you’re up to figuring out, or just let it go crazy and give you random words.  It’s really been helpful to me.  Sometimes I can actually tell what’s being spelled at me…

ASL University ( – This site has a wealth of information on Deaf Culture, as well as a great ASL dictionary.  The only drawback is that some of the terms don’t have a video component and it’s sometimes hard to tell if you’re doing it right.  He will put signs on the dictionary specifically for you though, if there’s a term you can’t find somewhere else, which is amazing!

Oh So EZ: – This site is great for everything Deaf in Southern California.  It has a very comprehensive list of Deaf Events happening all over the place, even listing which events are good for students.  That way, I can go out into the community and get some real life practice.  (I’m slowly but surely overcomming my shyness)