ASLAs of tomorrow, I will no longer be an ASL 2 student.  It’s a little sad, really.  I’ll miss my teacher and the other students.  It was my teacher’s first year this year, and she’s already doing so great.  I’m glad to have been a part of that.  The thing I’m going to miss most though is being in an ASL class.  I’ve looked at the schools in my area, and they only offer ASL classes that I’ve already taken.  My summer is going to be spent working hard under the stars at my busy and frantic job, without an ASL speaker in sight.  I wonder if I’ll have withdrawals? 

No, probably I’ll just be more dilligent about getting to those events in my community.  It will be good for my ASL and help thwart my hermit tendencies to stay in bed and watch videos with my big bag of Smarties all the time.  Instead, I’ll be sitting outside Starbucks with my iced tea and chatting the night away.  Hopefully.

I would still rather be in an ASL class…