ASLI3 was hoping to be able to be an official ASL Interpreting student by now, but no such luck.  California State budget cuts have made my life incredibly difficult right now.  I started at a new school this semester, because the old one had ASL classes, but not an interpreting program.  My registration date dropped dramatically because of this and all the classes that I wanted to take were completely full by the time I was allowed to ask for them.  Boo!!

I go to a Community College in California, and the beauty of the Community Colleges is that they accept everyone… no matter what your past school performance was or whether you’ve even completed high school, they will let you take classes.  The other beautiful part (and the reason I’m going) is that they only charge $26 per credit.  The bad part about all of this is that every class is usually jam-packed full.  That was before the California State Budget  crisis.  This semester the Community Colleges are offering 1/3 less classes and a vast population of students haven’t been able to register the regular way.  Me being one of them. 

I’ve tried to be pro-active.  I e-mailed all my professors and asked them to add me if they have space, and several of them wrote me nice but non-commital e-mails back.  School starts Monday, so keep your fingers crossed for me.  I’ve gone a little crazy this summer, not being in school, and I hope I don’t have to suffer through another semester of that.   I shake my fist at the dysfunctional state constitution.