ASLI guess you could finally say I’m an Interpreting student this week.  Yay!!  I’m only taking 2 of the 6 classes I was hoping to add, but that’s 2 more classes than I had last week.  Trying to add classes, though, was the worst thing ever.  Basically I stood in the back of classrooms for two hours with twenty other people who all wanted to add as well.  The teachers would say “Oh, I’ll talk to adds after class”, so we would all stand there with desperate looks on our faces, clutching our paperwork and praying that we’d be at the front of the add line, but the sinking feeling in our stomachs telling us we weren’t.  The day I was the person who was supposed to be next just as they cut off the class was the day I went home and cried.  That much rejection is hard to stomach, even when you know it isn’t personal.  I’m back to my cheery self this week, and I’m able to pick out the good things I experienced last week among the awfulness.

I really love my department.  The admissions staff and anyone who is supposed to be there to help students is awful and incredibly rude, but the ASL department is friendly and funny… just wonderful.  All of the teachers are Deaf and conducted major portions of their classes (if not all of it) in ASL, and I felt for the first time like I was a hearing girl in a completely Deaf world, not a hearing girl in a temporarily Deaf environment.  It was fun.  I’m also proud because I got all of the jokes and understood completely what everyone was saying, which makes me think my ASL skills are improving a little bit.  I’m in classes with people who are advanced interpreting students now, and I can also see how far I have to go.  It makes me believe that it’s possible to get that amazingly fluent though. 

I’m excited to be there, excited to call myself an interpreting student (no matter how far I have to go), and excited to be back in school working towards a degree.  I feel like I’m accomplishing something, and I’m happy that it’s something I like doing.  I’ll be doing a lot of work this year too, writing papers on 4 Deaf Events and 3 papers on doing different Deaf For The Day experiences.  I’m excited to do those.  Deaf For The Day is something I haven’t done yet, and I wonder how all my reading will prepare me for the experience of trying to communicate without talking.  I’ve heard that people are rude, but I guess I’ll be finding out for sure soon.  I’m hoping I’ll become less self concious about making a fool out of myself when proabably I won’t.  We’ll see.  I think it will be an exciting semester…