year ago today I made the first post to this site.  My teacher had assigned us all to research or create something fun to help others learn either ASL or Deaf Culture.  When most kids in class were making ABC books, I started this blog.

WordPress has an amazing feature where you can see how many people are looking at your page per day, and what entries they looked at.  For the first few months, I would get really excited when one or two people looked at the site per day.  I just checked the totals for the month of March: over 2000 people have been to the site this month alone, and daily it’s been in the range of 50-75.

I just want to thank everyone who’s ever been to the site, especially those who have commented and given me feedback.  It’s because of you that I compulsively check the daily totals and feel gleeful.  You’ve made this year great.

Lets all raise our imaginary glasses to another year of ASL and Deaf Culture.