lectricity is another great game to play in ASL class.  It helps you learn you alphabet better, as you will have to identify letters with your eyes closed.  Also, trying to pass the letter on to your neighbor as quickly as possible leads to lots of fun times.  Here are the rules.

First, pick two volunteers.  One will be the “Source” and the other will be the “Light”.  Next you need two lines of people, the lines must contain an equal number of people.  The two lines of people face away from each other and hold hands.  The “Source” connects the two lines together on one end, and the “Light” at the other, to make a circle with all the members facing the walls of the room.  The “Source” is the only person who should be looking towards the inside of the circle.  When everyone is ready, they will close their eyes.  The “Source” will sign a letter to each of the people they are holding hands with at the same time.  Those people will then pass the letter like a chain down the line until it reaches the “Light.”  The first team to get their electric current to the light wins.  If the letter is not correct, however, that team looses and the other team wins.

You can repeat this as many times as you want to.  It ends up being a really fun time.