Lots has happened since my last post.  I’m sorry to not be posting more prolifically, but I’m taking 15 units, working, and dealing with 5 paper weeks most of the time… posting regularly is just not in the cards, as much as I really wish it was.  Still, I’m learning amazing things right now, and can’t wait until I have a few seconds to say something longer about them.

Here are a few quick updates: I just received a grant from the History Department – I’m really going to Gallaudet to study in their archives!  Everyone in the Gallaudet archives that I e-mailed with was extremely friendly and helpful, and I can’t wait to meet them all in person.  They have so much cool stuff that I just hope I have the time to get through it all in the five days that I’ll be there.

I also have access to the films now, thanks to the University of Rochester Language Center.  They were also so nice and extremely helpful.  Gallaudet has open access versions of the videos on their website, if you’re interested, but they aren’t translated like the ones from Rochester.  They are AMAZING, and I would highly recommend watching them.

I’ve been through Deaf writings from the 1800’s, books on Deafness by Alexander Graham Bell (who is a bigger jerk than I thought he was), the films themselves, pamphlets by the NAD, and all sorts of fun things.  Still hoping to get through accounts of what film screenings were like and the effort to preserve the films in the 1930’s.  It should be eventful, to say the least.

The best part is all the secondary stuff I’ve been reading about how other historians covered the films in the past.  Their take on deaf History in general is just amazing.  Especially Susan Burch’s Signs of Resistance.  That was my favorite so far.  I’ll have to post some of the book reviews in the near future, if you’ll forgive the extremely academic tone of them.

That’s it for tonight!  I’m hoping to actually start writing my thesis in November (at least parts of it), so hopefully I’ll have a lot to post then.